Division of Assets and Debts

Separation Agreement in Denver

In a Colorado divorce, the expectation is that the assets and debts will be divided equitably–fairly. In Court, that usually means that each asset is split down the middle or sold with the proceeds split.

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Why Is Divorce Mediation a Better Option?

In mediation, we look at the whole pie, and parties are able to decide how they choose to receive their equitable share. Who gets the dining room table? Is cash more important than retirement funds? Does one of you want to keep the family home and get the other party off the mortgage? What will it take for you to qualify for a loan on your own? Did one of you get an inheritance? Are their debts that were incurred during the marriage – in whose name – how will they be divided? What about student loans?

During mediation, everything you own or owe will be addressed in a document called a Separation Agreement. Sometimes the division is quite clear, other times it calls for a bit of horse-trading. A mediator walks you through the process until you are both satisfied that the division is equitable and manageable for both parties.





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