Divorce Issues

How To Divorce Peacefully


There are a variety of issues that must be addressed during a divorce. Who’s keeping the house – or are we going to sell it? How will the assets and debts be divided? Will there be maintenance? If so, how much and for how long? When will we each get to be with our children? How much will I have to pay for child support? What will happen at Christmas? Who’s paying the children’s health insurance?


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Divorce Mediation in Denver

During mediation, the parties meticulously consider and attempt to resolve the financial and family concerns. The mediator brings to the forefront many questions that the parties need to address. Mediators also point out variables and potential consequences that might arise and might be the result of the parties’ decisions. Let A Center for Divorce Solutions help you settle potential divorce issues. Call us today at 303-377-2295 or complete the consultation appointment form online