Document Preparation

The Court requires a number of documents for your divorce, all of which the mediator can help you prepare. Since the Parenting Plan and Separation Agreements are the two main areas of discussion in mediation, the mediator provides you with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in each of those areas.

A Petition for Dissolution of Marriage alerts the Court that you want a divorce or legal separation and gives it some basic information about you.

A Case Information Sheet has all your personal information…names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, children’s names, birth dates and social security numbers.

Sworn Financial Statements from each of you, with information about your income, your deductions, expenses and assets, and debts.

Certificate of Compliance with Mandatory Financial Disclosures attests that each of you has provided your spouse with back up information for your Sworn Financial Statement.

Separation Agreement – addresses what will happen to all the assets and debts you listed in your Sworn Financial Statement and has a section on Maintenance. That includes what will happen to your home, cars, bank accounts, retirement funds, and debts, as well as if there will be maintenance, and if so how much and for how long.

Parenting Plan – if you have children the plan will include how the major life decisions for the kids will be made and by whom, when and where the children will reside, where they will be on the holidays and a child support worksheet. The Memorandum of Understanding is detailed and specific with the hope that there will be no ambiguous areas which might lead to later disputes.

Support Order – is prepared for the Judge to sign and includes maintenance and child support, who is paying, how much they are paying, when payment is due.

Decree – is prepared for the Judge to sign.

If there is going to be a division of retirement funds, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order will also be submitted to the Court.

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