How to Have Happier Holidays During or After Divorce

Other than making the decision to end your marriage and actually going through the divorce process, one of the most difficult aspects of divorce is figuring out how to enjoy the holidays in your new situation. If you are newly separated or divorced, you may especially be dreading the upcoming holiday season. However, with planning and courage, you can still have a happy and joyous holiday season.

Developing a Holiday Strategy

The holiday season often brings with it a wide range of emotions. For newly separated or divorced individuals, those emotions can be especially difficult to handle in front of loved one, friends, and co-workers. At the Center for Divorce Solutions, we understand how stressful the holidays can be during or after a divorce, so we want to help you develop a strategy for handling your emotions.

Focus on Yourself and Your Loved Ones

During and after divorce, it is not unusual for your mind to focus on the negative emotions stemming from the relationship. At these times, it is critical to focus instead on the present, on yourself, and on your loved ones. Self-care and the support of those who love you the most will get you through any and all emotionally trying moments, especially during the holiday season. And self-care includes living in the present rather than rehashing what happened over the years of your marriage.

Continue Traditions 

Most families develop holiday traditions, and divorce is no reason to discontinue those traditions. You may need to adapt your tradition to your new situation, but it is important to remember the significance of your traditions to yourself and your family. Children especially need a sense of routine and normalcy, including the activities they have come to expect during the holidays.

Do Something for Yourself

While the holidays are associated with giving to others, you should consider giving yourself a small gift as well. Allow yourself some time dedicated to doing something that makes you happy, fulfilled, and energized. This can be something as simple as reading that book you’ve had on your shelf for 2 years or buying a new pair of shoes to something more significant like taking a vacation or having a spa weekend. It’s not selfish to indulge every once in a while.

Look to the Future

Divorce can be an emotional rollercoaster for all parties involved, so it is important that you don’t relive the moments that bring you unhappiness. Keep your focus on what you have and the new adventures that are ahead. 

Contact Us for Help Coping with Divorce

At the Center for Divorce Solutions, we know that coping with divorce (either during or after) can be a real challenge, especially during the holidays. For questions about divorce mediation or how we can help make your divorce a kinder, gentler process, contact us today.