Summer Break Tips for Divorced Adults with Children

Summer break is that time of year all children look forward to. Most parents spend months planning and researching fun activities to occupy their children in the hopes of never hearing the words – “I’m bored.”   If you are a divorced parent this time of year can be an even bigger challenge. Not only do you have to work around your schedule and find quality activities for your little ones, but you also have to work around the other parent’s schedule. Here are some summer break tips for divorced adults with children to make this time more enjoyable and stress-free.

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Using a Divorce Mediator for Creating a Parenting Plan

Providing a tranquil home for your children is an essential part of keeping them healthy and helping them to grow into well-adjusted adults. If you are divorced, tranquility is something that may take some work to accomplish, especially during the summer months when plans are being made, and schedules may be changing. It is crucial that you maintain peace for the sake of your children, and creating a great parenting plan is an excellent step in the peacekeeping process between divorced parents.

A good, workable parenting plan is best achieved with the assistance of divorce mediation in Denver. Mediation provides a peaceful solution to meeting the needs of all the family members.  without the added stress that can sometimes occur during these discussions. Mediation provides an intermediary that is not personally nor emotionally involved in the situation. Taking the emotion out of the equation allows for rational decision making and leads to a better, more flexible plan. 

A reasonable parenting plan is a vital step to achieving a beneficial relationship between divorced parties so that children don’t have to deal with the stress of no plans or changed plans when they are looking forward to activities. A good plan includes the where, the how, the when and the who’s paying for it aspects of a child’s daily life. It takes into consideration the varied incomes of each parent, the time each parent has for participation or transportation and attempts to meet the amusement needs of the children without impacting on the parents’ jobs or playing havoc with the budget.


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Children do not usually understand the concept of budget, particularly when they’re accustomed to having things that are no longer affordable. Summer break is not the time to try and explain this to them.  If you cannot afford the usual summer camp, try something new. Set up a summer camp at home. With a tent in the backyard, you can have a nightly camping trip. This gives your child the adventure of sleeping outside and also provides them with quality time they enjoy with you. Investigate free activities or free or reduced-price days at venues they would appreciate. 

Road trips are a fun way to pass the time and choosing a new place for each adventure keeps away the summer boredom. You don’t have to go a long distance for a change of scenery. Hop in the car and head down the closest highway. When you are tired of driving or have run out of the new landscape to view, stop at the first restaurant you find and enjoy a new dining experience. This type of mini-vacation will give you and your children something fun to do and teach them the benefits of trying new things. Mini-vacations like this are also a budget-friendly alternative to extended vacations.

While every parent dreads summer break at some point or another, you don’t have to. With a bit of planning and a lot of imagination, you can take the stress out of the equation and make it a time of fun, sun, and memories that last a lifetime. 

Contact a divorce mediator to help you navigate a fun summer for your children and a flexible parenting plan for the whole family.