Divorce Mediator in Denver

We seek to create a safe place for two people to figure out how to move forward in their lives. The decisions are yours. The mediator is an unbiased third party who helps you navigate the complex issues you are facing, whether it’s how to divide the assets and debts or how to design a parenting plan that is in the best interests of the children.

In mediation, an unbiased third party assists spouses to identify issues in their marriage and, if possible, create solutions that work for both. There are practical benefits to mediation:

Confidential:   Mediation is private; there’ll be no public record of your business.

Control:        What happens is up to you and your spouse, not the judge.

Cost:             Mediation is less expensive than court.

Fairness:      You and your spouse decide, not a judge who’s never met you.

Flexibility:    If you feel you need one, getting a lawyer’s advice is still an option.

Resolution:   Mediation can improve communication between spouses, which means reduced future conflict.

Settlement:   Most mediations end in agreement on all issues; in court, if you can’t agree, the judge can simply impose a solution.

A Center for Divorce Solutions should be your first call if you and your spouse are contemplating separation or divorce. To start the process, or just to get more information about how we can help, use this contact form.

The Best Way to Approach a Divorce in Denver, Colorado

We’ve all seen it on television: Two spouses face off in court — accusations, threats, lawyers’ tricks, and a result nobody likes. It’s great drama, but bad justice.

Divorce mediation can make it simple and positive. When spouses are unhappy, it affects them, their children and the extended families and friends who now have to “choose sides”. When spouses confront their problems in a mature, solution-oriented approach, everybody wins because the problems get solved. No using children as weapons, no fighting over trivialities just to get “the win”, no digging up dirt on the spouse to make that person look bad in court.

By its nature, court is adversarial. By its nature, mediation is cooperative.

When you choose mediation, you take nothing off the table — you can always go back to traditional court action, if necessary.


Divorce Mediation Denver

Leslie Hoffman founded the Center for Divorce Solutions with one goal — avoid court by providing a forum where you can construct a kinder and gentler divorce. Complete the form and hit the submit button today.

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