Parental Responsibility Mediators in Denver, CO

You’ve decided to end your marital relationship – but you are attached at the hip for life if you have children. You will both want to participate in the important moments of your children’s lives – first day of kindergarten – grade school graduation – the school play – a soccer game – and ultimately their marriage and birth of their children. And the last thing your kids need is to be worried about how their parents will act when they are together.

Deciding on how your children will live, relate to you, and function after a divorce or separation can be one of the most difficult aspects of the divorce and separation process. A parental responsibility mediator can help, so contact us today if you’re in Denver, Arvada, or Lakewood, CO. We can help with post-decree mediation and other divorce mediation services.

Mediation and Parenting Plan Creation in Denver

At A Center for Divorce Solutions, we are committed to helping couples identify and develop the best solutions for them, their children and their ongoing co-parenting relationships. In Colorado, a Parenting Plan is required by the court. It focuses on the needs of the children at their current age. The Parenting Plan deals with such areas as where the children will be living, what the visitation (parenting time) schedule looks like, how major life decisions regarding the children are made and who is responsible for those decisions (parental responsibility), how expenses for the children will be paid, and child support (who, if anyone, will pay, how much, and when).

At the Center, our parental responsibility mediators work with parents to address all issues relating to their children and their individual situation. A mediator works with the parties to develop an appropriate and manageable Parenting Plan. They also create a detailed Memorandum of Understanding for them to submit to the court. As children get older and the Parenting Plan needs tweaking or needs a complete re-write to better suit their needs, parties often come back to the mediation table to make those adjustments and submit the new plan so it will become a court order.

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