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How to be a Great Co-Parent During and After Divorce

There’s nothing worse than a divorced couple using their children as the rope in a game of tug-o-resentment. They love their kids, of course. They have the best intentions. But ten out of ten parents who fall into this trap do so because they forgot the most important thing: It’s not about them! And when […]

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Making the Most of Divorce Mediation

No matter why you’ve chosen to end your marriage, it’s a frightening ordeal. If you’ve made the decision to negotiate the terms of your divorce through mediation, you’ve given yourselves the best possible chance of coming to a mutually beneficial settlement that allows for the best opportunity for a positive future. Here are a few […]

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5 Reasons to Choose Mediation When Getting a Divorce

Divorce can be an expensive proposition – in money, time and emotion. When you think about divorce, it’s easy to imagine a psychologically draining, long, drawn out process that ends in frustration. It doesn’t have to be. That is where mediation can help. #1 Mediation calms things down. Engaging a mediator, a neutral third party […]

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