July 14, 2018

Michael Zwarg

"Knowledgeable, fair and comprehensive. Leslie Hoffman worked with me and my wife to figure out how to talk through difficult choices for divorce. Should you desire a reasonable way to navigate a separation or divorce, Leslie Hoffman provides an excellent resource for you."
April 28, 2018

Kristin Walsh

"Leslie was terrific. She was very clear and concise and explained all of the details we needed to know in a very straightforward manor. My ex and I were able to use her mediation services in a reasonable amount of time and complete our divorce and parenting plan without the use of expensive lawyers. She also worked with us around our busy schedules and need for babysitters to help us accomplish our goals in the time frame we needed. I would recommend her highly."
March 30, 2018

Lynette Schultz

"My husband and I went to separate attorneys to get our divorce negotiated. Mine quoted me $60,000, his quoted him $55,000. So we decided to go to mediation. The judge in our case suggested Leslie as a mediator - he had her divorce mediated agreements in his court before and liked working with her, so he suggested we contact her. Good referral! We met with Leslie four times. We both enjoyed working her. She’s fair. Not biased. And, she kept us on task. Our divorce cost is less than $3,000. I highly recommend her as a resource for a low cost divorce solution."
January 8, 2018

Nicole Hulse

"Leslie did great work and was very professional with both my husband and I during a very difficult process. She demonstrated knowledge of the system, displayed patience, and an unbiased opinion. Leslie handled herself with dignity and grace in the presence of an incident of being accused of conspiracy along with an attack on her personal and professional integrity by my husband for simply answering a question I posed regarding marital assets. The accusations in no way reflected the her ethical demeanor and she responded with concern and willingness to explain the entire story in effort to clear up confusion. She articulated herself and left no questions unanswered and responded promptly to my husbands accusations. I am grateful for her presence through a trying experience and highly recommend her services."